Furia Cuscini spa Founded in Meda in 1966, fruit of the entrepreneurial spirit of Romolo and Carla Furia, Furia Cuscini SPA has developed from a small craftsman activity in the heart of Brianza and over the years has modified its structure and organisation in response to its clients’ requests and expectations. The entry of the founders’ children, has further contributed to the company’s growth, transforming it from a craftsman activity into an industrial reality. Furia Cuscini SPA is a supplier and partner of the major upholstered furniture companies and distribution chains on the national and international panorama. Technological know-how, ongoing innovation of production processes, quality of products and related services are the trump cards of a company that has changed “skin” without ever losing sight of its tradition of painstaking attention to detail in the items it produces to Clients’ specifi cations in both the home and the contract sectors.