The creative project work of Designers, Architects and Clients is transformed into reality through the activities of development and realisation of the prototypes. Furia Cuscini’s technical office is arranged in Project Teams, made up of a Technical-Commercial Director and prototype creators who carry out the realisation of the components (structures, upholstery and coverings) of the model and its variants. This technical know-how, placed at the service of the clients, is further enhanced by suggestions concerning materials and technical or production solutions drawn from the company’s know-how and experience. The development process, which includes meetings with the Client and their designers, involves evaluation of prototypes, realisation of modifications and final approval. The technical office completes its activities with the industrialisation of the product by preparing production and checking modules for all departments involved. This ability to work hand-in-hand with Clients in “co-design” is recognised as an aspect of excellence of Furia Cuscini, and has contributed to its growth among Clients both within and beyond the European Union.